Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: The Numbers of Summer Edition

(1) 16 - 17. As in weeks pregnant. It is going pretty well. Last week was pretty rough and I keep thinking that I will be over the yucky sick stage s-o-o-n...but the breakthrough has yet to come. Extreme exhaustion is probably my number one issue. Sometimes I feel like I need to prop my eyes open with matches like Mr. Bean in Mr. Bean's Holiday. :) The little kicks I get from time to time make it all worth it!

(2) 14- The number of books I have read this summer. I just finished number eight of the Love Comes Softly Series today and I'm a little bit sad. What a great series...it almost makes me wish we lived back in the olden days.

(3) 7 - The number of years I have been blessed to be married to Daniel. We celebrated our anniversary this month and took a few days off from life here and rested, relaxed, laughed, ATE, shopped, read, vegged, ATE and laughed some more. We had a great time together and we really appreciate all those who pitched in an helped with the girlies. :)

{Dan & I before dinner one night.}

(4) 3- The number of nights away from momma that it took Gracie to wean from nursing. She did great!! And I am happy to report that that she now sleeps all night long and takes one morning nap and sometimes a late afternoon nap too. YAY! She still wakes up at the crack of dawn, but at least we are sleeping all night.

(5) 2- The approximate number of un-soiled (by markers, crayons or pen) surfaces in our home! Ok, this is an exaggeration, but it is out of control! All markers have been confiscated!!

(6) 7- The approximate number of times I could eat Mexican food every week! Especially Papa P's! My cravings are INTENSE! (My friend Alicia and I have been ate the the last two Wednesdays and how I wish that could go on and on!)

(7) 27- The number of days until Sophie's FOURTH birthday! I can't believe she is going to be four. She has been looking forward to this since the day she turned three. :) Four is by far her fav number and right now PINK is by far her fav color. She reminds me every day that she wants the pink plate, the pink bowl and the pink cup! (I think Grace is more partial to purple like her mama!)

(8) 6- The number of mice we have caught in the in our home in the last week and a half. Is that not crazy, gross, disgusting, scary, etc, etc!! Sophie likes the hunt and has inspected some caught by her daddy. She thinks it would be fun to squish their eyeballs out!

(9) 3- The number of yummy snack foods that Dan and I made tonight. Spinach dip, Zesty Cucumbers and Toffee Crack. I guess we were hungry when we made the wal-mart list. Yum! Like I said, my cravings are pretty intense! :)

(10) 100's - The number of times I am overwhelmed, over-joyed, full of thanksgiving, full of love, frustrated, broken and out of control and then back again each day. Life is sometimes pretty crazy and if I have learned anything during this season it has been that we don't have it all together. Nobody does. And I've learned how valuable each and every person and part of the Body of Christ is. We are all on the road of life seeking the Lord and how to please Him and relating to one another. Sometimes we grind against one another and sometimes we walk side by side in harmony, but either way we are helping one another become the people we are to be. My life is crazy sometimes, but I am thankful for it and for those the Lord has put in it every day!

I've missed blogging. I'm hoping to be back in the saddle again soon!


WaitingandHoping said...

Mice????!!!! Oh my! It's cracking me up thinking about Sophie hunting them! :)

Meredith said...

Glad to see new posts from you. Hope you get to feeling MUCH better soon. We recently found out we are also expecting baby #3. I am only about 9 weeks along, and feeling awful and exhausted also. Hope it passes quickly for both of us!