Friday, January 23, 2009

Ike is here!

Jonathan Eisenhower Richie was born this afternoon at 1:54 pm. He weighs 8 lbs 1 oz and is 20.5 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair, a cute little dimple on his chin, beautiful coloring and has captured all of our hearts. He is so, so sweet. I was in the delivery room with Jaclyn along with our moms and a couple of aunts and my sis, Britt and our awesome photographer & friend, Kori and it was such an incredible experience! Jaclyn did so, so good. It has been a long wait for her and she had some pretty hard labor. She pushed for over two hours and dug down deep to find the strength to continue. It was amazing and I am so, so grateful that Ike is here and is so healthy and SO handsome! Please keep Jaclyn in your prayers. It was a difficult delivery and she is had a pretty bad tear. (Something about us Rose girls? :() I am praying that she will heal quickly. Ike is doing great a nursing so that is great!

Most of my family is here in Ft. Smith celebrating and helping take care of Jaclyn. My love for her has grown and grown as we as for her sweet son. I can't wait to spend some quality- QUANTITY time with him. So far I have cleaned two of his stinkies! :)

Thank You, Lord for being the Author of Life. Thank for being so present in the delivery room and for a healthy pregnancy and for such a sweet and healthy baby boy. Please heal Jaclyn and fill her with joy and peace and strength. Lord, give her all the grace she needs to take care of her son. Keep them all safe and Lord, please give all of Ike's family wisdom and grace. Thank you for this sweet gift. May his life always bring You glory! Amen!

(These pics don't begin to capture all of his handsome-ness. I'll try to post some more as they come! )


Krissi said...

He is so handsome! Congrats to you and all of the family, there is something so sweet about baby boys :)

somecallmekropp said...

so cute!!

Sarah Mae said...


I'm sure he is more handsome then we can imagine!