Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1- it's almost wednesday, but maybe i can whip this out in 15 minutes!
2- i know i need to change my header. i know that is no longer Christmas-time. :( i know i need to take down my tree and all the other decorations and remove the two trees and decorations that didn't even get finished this year. aaaghh! i am so far behind.
3- my new cricut expression will be here tomorrow. i can't wait to try it out! i have three cartridges coming with it- plantin schoolbook, storybook (SO excited about) and doodlecharms. i might pull a daniel and go to the UPS loading place tomorrow morning. we're such tracking nerds!
4- i got a blackberry curve last night. i am so in love. especially since today i can browse the web on it. tomorrow i probably won't be able too. sigh. well, unless i beg my papa. hmmmm. we'll see. :)
5-grace i went to ft. smith today with mom & jaclyn for one of jac's dr. appt. please pray that she will begin to progress soon and that little ike will come in God's perfect time without a c-section!
6- we've been helping jac get moved into her super-cute new home this past week. it's adorable, and super sturdy with CEMENT walls. definitly the place to be in case of a tornado, not the best place to hang pictures. :)
7-i have 7 minutes left until wednesday. i am officially up past my bed-time.
8- i've still yet to look at the pictures we took over Christmas. again, i am wayyyy behind. it might help if i could locate the camera.
9- i love my super duper, handy husband. i got a vision of a laundry sorting solution for our little laundry room, well, nook and he built it tonight. i'm excited, the office is headed into a craft room. yea! now the rest of the house/garage won't be the craft room.
10- the girls are growing so fast. grace kept climbing up on sophie's bed tonight and turning the light switch off. over and over. she isn't even one yet. amazing! last night sophie and i were praying and she prayed, "dear lord, please help me to be four so i can go to school when i am five. i am three now and i need to be four so i can be five." too cute! sometimes i want them to grow and then they do all too fast.

midnight, i better go! as pooh & piglet would say, happy wednesday!


Anonymous said...

After all this, there is only one thing to say: Have reverence for God, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for. ECCLESIASTES 12:13 TEV

stephanie (speer) olmstead said...

i'm glad to know that you like your curve! i figured you would. =) and i did cancel the blackberry plan for you tuesday night, so definitely don't get on the internet again unless you add it back or you'll get charged out the wazoo!