Tuesday, December 30, 2008

one of my favorite weeks...

i always love this week between Christmas and New Years. for us it's a time to rest and catch up and organize.

Christmas was good. busy, crazy, exhausting, but very good. we loved visiting with our families and laughing and all the yummy foods and watching the girls open their gifts. (i took lots of pictures, but have yet to download them. i will soon!) we were all so very blessed and now we're going through old toys and stuff and trying to get things is (much) better order. grace is cutting some major teeth and sophie is testing the boundaries over and over and over again. (:0), but i have enjoyed spending time with them too. we've spent lots of time playing in the playroom. tomorrow we are headed to tulsa to celebrate Christmas with my mom & mike and and to enjoy some New Year's day sales! woo hoo! i'm hoping for a peaceful, relaxing trip.

my parents blessed me with a cricut for Christmas and i am SUPER excited about getting it going and making some fun stuff in the new year.

but, for now, i'm going to keep on resting and reading and playing and organizing and planning and hugging and snuggling and savoring these last few days of the holiday season.

blessings to YOU!

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