Sunday, December 14, 2008

a little maintenance

i've tried to clean up my blogs a bit. i finally hopped on the bandwagon with the "blog list." i know it isn't completely done and i probably need to categorize it some so it isn't so overwhelming! you can see why i never have time to write... i'm always reading! :)

well, i've also been to other places around the world wide web lately. i thought i'd leave a little link love in case anyone else is interested...

1- SO cool! i can't wait to try out more of this!
2- TONS of cool fonts, some of which I am using for Christmas projects
3- I gotta say, facebook is fun. i finally posted some pics this last week and i love getting comments on them. very sweet! it's a good way for me to communicate with family and friends too. i have lots of family on there. HI!
4- great recipes, specifically "Jar" recipes. more Christmas gifts!
5- the fluctuating prices bug me a bit (well, only when they go up) but the overall great prices, free shipping and selection are great. LOTS of toys to choose from. lately I am especially drawn to Melissa & Doug toys. Solid, wooden, hands on, educational, colorful toys. Good stuff. :)

also, since this is all about maintenance... i have a couple confessions to make. no really, i blogged about stuff that i was planning on doing and haven't done yet and i want to be honest. :)
1-i did not attempt the garage sale last week. just TOO much going on. however, we (as in my fam) are having one this coming week. prayerfully, it will go really well and we'll make some money and bless some people.
2- the jesse tree has not been happening in our home this year. :( i thought that december 1 was the first day of advent and by the time i finally got the ornaments printed and stuff it was dec 3rd and i learned that advent had started right after thanksgiving. :( so, we were pretty behind and i just never got it together. again, :(! hopefully we can do this next year and the girls will understand it more too!
3- a couple of saturdays ago when i wrote about being "deliriously in love with" my kids and hubby I was being honest, but by late afternoon and all day the next day, i was REALLY struggling with my kids and my life. my hormones were crazy and i was very sad. we even cancelled LIFEgroup because i just couldn't get it together. i got better and by the GRACE of God all is well. I just want to keep it real though!

well, i think confession time is over. i bet you're glad! (if anyone is still hanging with me!)

this is why i shouldn't always blog about things to come, but rather about things that have already happened and i am so far behind on this! BUT, i have all my pics in the computer so it should be pretty easy for me to do this week. hopefully i can get caught up soon!

oh my gosh, it is 1 AM and officially sunday. i must get to bed! daniel and i have a big day tomorrow and i better get myself to bed. :)

Blessings to you and yours!

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Hadley Coble said...

oh man, could I have written this post!

I just found your blog from Kimba's party...I'll be adding it to my favorites!