Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

This afternoon I have been planning and filling up my Google Calendar. I love the Holiday season! I love to read Cosmic Christmas and to ponder Emmanuel, God WITH us!

I love to decorate and bake and sit in the living room and gaze at the beautiful tree with all the lights. The past couple of years I have been the Christmas Decorating business and have worked my little fingers to the bone (even last year at 8 months pregnant)! This year I don't have that many trees lined up, but I know there will be a few. :)

This week we have lots going on with family & friends. Lots of extended family will be here this weekend for Jaclyn & Ike's shower and we are busy bees getting ready for that. We also have The McPherson Christmas Ball on Friday night, which is always lots of fun. I am excited about making Brie Kisses as an appetizer and getting all gussied up!

Add in work, regular cleaning and taking care of the kiddos and getting our house decorated for Christmas and that makes for a full week.

In my craziness I am also going to attempt a small garage sale on Thursday. Am I insane? I don't think so? I am just trying to earn a few extra Christmas dollars. We'll see how it goes.

But, tomorrow at 4 pm I am going to R-E-L-A-X as I breath deep and enjoy a wonderful hour long massage with a very gifted massage therapist and I'm not going to worry about a thing! Thank you SO MUCH Aunt B, I am SO looking forward to it.


For now, I must make dinner and get this little family ready for a Birthday party.

PS- Happy 1st Day of Advent. This year we are celebrating with a Jesse Tree. Find out more info here.

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