Friday, January 30, 2009


This pair is so cute... Sophie & Maddie.

This little one-year old is pretty cute too! I love to hear her babble lately. She has the cutest little voice. :)

Something else kinda cute... the little wreath I made for my friend's baby shower. I think I'm finally getting my Cricut figured out and I know we're going to be great friends! :)

Today I've had some free time with out the girls. I had a meeting in town, ate a quiet lunch and browsed in a few stores. It's been nice to be alone a little bit. My pace is often much slower when I'm without the girls and it seems like so much time has passed when actually it has only been an hour or two. (Not sure if that makes any sense at all.)
ok, one more cute pic...

Is he not absolutely ADORABLE?! I'm lookin forward to this little guy in the White House in 35 years or so... :)
hope you have a great Friday night!