Sunday, February 1, 2009

My January Loves

I hope to continue this list of things I love about my housemates each month of this year. This was inspired by a great blogger, Kristy Glass.

Encouraging me and my crafting endeavors and buying my a wonderful cabinet for all my supplies.
Assembling the above gift!
Being so sweet about my birthday... insisting that I needed a large birthday hat and for the beautiful roses.
Your excitement over our imminent tax return
Your obsession with finding a used truck for yourself. The way you peruse Craigs list and ebay and auto trader!
For taking such good care of Sophie (along with your Mom) when I went to Ft. Smith with Jaclyn and for coming up there to get us.
For being such a great handyman...fixing stuff at Jaclyns & making our cool laundry set up
For taking care of the girls so I could go to a baby shower
For taking BOTH girls grocery shopping so I could get some work done.
Your dedication to God, home, work, church at all times.

I love watching you in your dance class. You know just how dancers sit!
Being so outgoing and cheerful in class!
For loving Ike so much
Watching you interact with Junie & Maddie.
For being "the perfect child" when you spent the day out of town with your family
For being a great sport about me & Grace's birthday
For reminding me to "smile" (melts my heart!)
Your newest drawings of faces... two dots for eyes a dot for nose a dot for mouth and two dots for cheeks. too cute!
for saying "i promise" such as "i promise i won't get in your craft stuff mom!" :)
Watching you paint clouds with your little apron on
Saying, "I not feeling really good right now." Because of your stomach "crabs"
How you love to say "tender"
You new names for everything in our home... all your friends
Watching you dance with Jaclyn's dress form that you named, Emma

Gracie B-
Watching you take your birthday in! You loved when we sang to you!
Watching you dig into your birthday cake. Yummy!
You're working on drinking from sippy cups. Good job!
The day I caught you in the hot chocolate and you had a chocolate mustache a beard!
Being so good and cute during the LONG wait at the hospital. Letting Jason H. walk you to sleep in the stroller.
Wanting to eat little babies up!
Trying to eat with a spoon for the first time. Messy! :)
Watching you realize that Sophie is somewhere and you aren't (like with Pappy) and you crying big alligator tears. (broke my heart)
Hearing about your perfect day when you got to go with grandma all by yourself, your delight, loving your long walks outside
Nap strikes... I don't love this, but it happens, huh...
Watching you get more and more brave in the walking, standing dept. You stand all by yourself and then slowly let yourself back down.
Constantly taking your hair bows out and then trying to put them back in.
Your disdain for shoes and socks no matter what time it is!

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~Ronda~ said...

They are both so beautiful, I love seeing them at church!! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, it means alot. I added you to my bloggy list!