Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's New Rig!

Two weeks ago we said goodbye to our little black Saturn and welcomed home a big ole white Ford F-15o! Daniel has been very gracious to drive my little car for to work and back for the past three years while we waited for the opportunity to buy another vehicle. It was a little comical to see him fold up his l-o-n-g body to get inside it. :) It was far from practical for toting around all his tools, but he took it all in stride. We were both pleasantly surprised when we finished our taxes about 4 weeks ago and saw how much we were going to get as a refund. (Thank you, Grace!) Dan started to scour the internet for a great deal on a used truck. He felt like the Lord was going to give Him a blessing and He sure did! We still needed to sell my old car.
The Saturn was a great car. A super cute, sporty little car that I bought on the day of my high school graduation back in 2000. (It was the bulk of my graduation gift.) I put many, many miles on her driving from Mena to Tulsa, from Mena to Tyler, from Tyler to Tulsa, from Tyler to Dallas, etc. It was a great car and I paid it off the summer before Dan and I married. Unfortunately, the first winter that Dan and I were married I was hit in the Saturn. What a bummer! They fixed the car, but it was never the same. It had some real issues and we knew it was going to be difficult to sell. But, the Lord provided a buyer who knew exactly what he was getting and was excited about it! Woo hoo! So we received our tax money in the morning and sold the car the same day. What a blessing!
The next day we drove to Ft. Smith to look for a truck. We went to a TON of used car lots looking for the right truck. Then Dan told me about a specific truck that he had found on Craig's List. It was about an hour away in Farmington. We got online, called them and we were on our way. Dan felt more and more certain about it the closer we got. We made the owner an offer and the truck was ours! YAY! YAY! YAY! I am so happy for Dan. There is plenty of room for us and the car seats and all of Dan's tools. I am so thankful that he has a vehicle he can be proud of and that he doesn't have to scrunch up his legs in the Saturn anymore.
Thank you, Lord!
Here are the girls at Cheddar's (our new favorite restaurant) before we started car shopping.
Here I am behind the wheel! :)

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Casey said...

Aww! That's awesome. God has really been answering prayers for us on the financial realm too! I miss seeing you guys!