Monday, February 16, 2009

30 Things About Me (I couldn't stop at 25!)

I'm sure you've seen's a facebook phenomenon! :) Random facts about myself have been swirling around in my head for weeks now. :)

1- I love to swim. (Mainly underwater with my eyes open.)
2- Dr. Pepper will always be my #1 drink. I love it from an ice cold can. Sweet tea comes in as a close second.
3- I am completely un-coordinated. This makes me very un-athletic! I am decent at snow-skiing and water skiing which is pretty cool.
4- So far I have traveled to three continents... North America (including Central America), Europe and Africa.
5- I love cross-cultural missions and I pray that me & my family will be able to serve overseas again in the future.
6- I am thankful for the Grace of God and the Love of Jesus every day. It is scary to think of where I know I would be with out Him.
7- I really enjoy cooking.
8- And decorating.
9- And crafting. :)
10- Falling in love with one of my good friends, Daniel totally took me by surprise, but our love has blessed me every day for the past seven and a half years.
11- Two little brown headed girls have stolen my heart! They fill me with so much joy and awe!12- Parenting is by far the most challenging endeavor I have ever experienced. (Maybe it's Sophie? ;)
13- I am brown-eyed red head with a semi-olive completion. The cool thing is I can tan.
14- I am pretty much a turbo nursing mama. I have been pregnant or nursing for the past FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT! :)
15- I love school and learning. I prefer to learn by lecture and note-taking. If I hear it and write it down it's in there!
16- I doodle constantly. If I have paper I write about what I am talking about/listening to or I just write invisibly with my finger.
17- I love "chinese soup." It's this soup that comes from the "Chinese" store that is very similar to ramen, but has an additional oil flavoring that goes in it that is spicy and yummy!
18- I use the word "yummy" often. Pretty much all Mexican food and home-cooked food by either of my moms would be classified as "yummy!"
19- I love my family SO VERY MUCH! (natural and through marriage)! I cherish spending time with my parents and siblings more and more every year.
20- I have to copy Jaclyn because it's true... I love and admire my grandmothers SO much. I cherish the time I have with them and the special relationships that they have with my daughters.
21- I have developed Gestational Diabetes with both of my pregnancies and sometimes I fear Type II Diabetes. However, not enough to cut out sweets!
22- I am addicted to blogging. (Is there some kind of AA for this kind of thing?)
23- I am by nature a Messy. I am married to a Cleanie. We're working through it!
24- My sisters hold a very special place in my heart. I have a blood sister, a step-sister, an adopted sister, an "almost" sister, and two sisters-in-law. They are all sisters of my heart.
25- I am an introvert and I pretty much stink at making friends.
26- I would do anything in the world for my little brother. What can I say, "He wears me down!"
27- I could listen to Sara Groves every day.
28- Spending one on one time with Daniel is my favorite thing ever! I love our acronyms and inside jokes and goofiness and our love!
29- When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, a politician, a fashion designer, a missionary, a counselor, a teacher, a mom, an interior designer, an event that order. If I could find a way to incorporate them all I'd go for it! :)
30- So far I have never received a speeding ticket. (KNOCK ON WOOD!) :)

Thanks for hanging with me and thanks for being my friends!

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Kori Hudson said...

We "Messies" need to stick together! ; )