Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss Gracie B.

I just put Gracie down to sleep a few minutes ago. We've started the "cry it out method." Cry it out = no fun! Thankfully, tonight the crying has already stopped. This sweet little one thinks that she doesn't need much sleep lately. Her naps have been a little hit and miss lately. No naps or short naps also = no fun. I think (hope, pray) that we will get settled in a new sleep routine soon. It would be ideal if she would be on the sleep schedule as Sophie that way she would have one longer nap each day and they would be at the same time so I could have some downtime/work-time/craft-time too. We shall see!

(Can I just insert here that I am quite ready to wean Miss Grace. I have now been pregnant or nursing since January of 2005. Four years. I think my body (and mind) is ready to rest for a while. However, I also don't want to short-change Grace. I've read that children still need sucking time into their second year. Sophie didn't wean until she was 21 months old. I was pregnant with Grace, very sick and had to wean her. Grace has no pacifier and isn't a thumb sucker. Apparently, I am the pacifier! I am trying to cut back her nursing to morning, naptimes and at night. And I am offering her a sippy cup with water or juice often. I am ready to be able to go away for a couple of days with Dan and I am SO ready to consistently sleep through the night and wake up in the morning not hanging off the bed with her in my spot. :) I love my girls so much and I want to be the best mom to them and I really need some wisdom... any advice??)

Sophie is sleeping at her sweet, sweet great-grandparents house tonight. I'm sure she is having the time of her life. I always did! In a few minutes I am off to finish cleaning/organizing the play room. It has been an all day affair! I really wanted to do this one afternoon when I was all alone and just hammer it out. But, that hasn't happened or if it has recently I have needed to do other things. Anyway, this morning I just bit the bullet and decided we would get it done today. It has been a long day and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm about to put on some good ole Andy Stanley preaching and get it knocked out. (Dan is out working on Aurora, our Saturn. Hopefully it won't be ours much longer!)

I'll leave you with some cute pics of Grace that Kori captured at the hospital during my sister's 2 day labor & delivery of Mr. Ike. Grace did really well! She is really starting to come into her own lately. Dan & I thought she was a really docile and mild-mannered girl (didn't she have to be since her sis is WILD CHILD, Sophie?? :), but this little one has a "personbality" of her own! She is a climber (we caught on top of an end-table the other night), and a bee-bopping dancer. It is too cute! Unfortunately, she is also a hitter. She thinks it is very fun to pop people in the face. Well, either a kiss (more like a lick) or a pop. She got a little out of hand this evening and she got disciplined. Her pouty face was the cutest little sad face. :(

Grace with Pappy, Mammy and Pappy's wonderful cell phone!

With Sweet Ma Ma Ma

With Aunt Jac. (Jac was w-a-l-k-i-n-g!)

Hanging out with Aunt Britt in Jaclyn's room.

Sleepy Grace the next morning. This toy is one of her favorite birthday gifts.

With Mommy


Casey said...

Not that I know a whole lot about this, but I did do a little research on the paci thing because my mom did NOT want me to give Kili one. Once I learned about the non-nutrive(sp) need for sucking I was fine with the idea. Anyway I'm sure you've tried all kinds of paci's huh??

Holly said...

What adorable photos! She's so CUTE! :O

Em said...

Jennifer, both of your girls are so beautiful! Since Christmas (the first time I "met" Gracie, when she was so sweet and cuddly and didn't treat me like a stranger at all), every time I see a picture of her, I'm like, "Ooooh!" Zachary and I check in to look at your pictures often, and he always says, "Wow, Mom, Sophie is on the internet!" Anyway, I wish I could give you some advice on the weening, but I don't know much about that. Zachary went back and forth easily and was all-bottle before he was one (too early, I know). Have a great weekend! Maria
PS Are you selling your car? I would sooo buy it if we weren't so far apart!

Kori Hudson said...

I just found your blog!!! Grace is adorable, and I'm sure you're getting all sorts of advice, but mine would just be to hang in there, because in the grand scheme of things, the nursing period is such a short time, and before you blink it will all be over and you'll be missing it! But I totally understand about wanting your body back as well... I remember by the time it was getting towards the end with Barrett, I was kind of *done.* I only had about two months off in between nursing Autumn and finding out I was pregnant with him, and then he seemed to nurse forever! Just do whatever feels right for you and your family, and love your girls to bits (which I know you do!) and everything will turn out fine!

I love you guys! Wish we lived closer... Now that I have found your blog I'm going to visit it often! : )


Kristy said...

I am SO not the person to give nursing advice... neither one of my girls would latch, suck or get anything out!! It was the longest month EVER both times, complete with constant pumping and starving babies.
BUT - they are both very, very healthy, active and smart, so it probably wouldn't be terrible to wean her. I also weaned both of the girls from bottles and formula at age 1. It was a smooth transition with the soft tipped sippy cups, and they could drink juice and whole milk. =)

jaclyn said...

Use one of these pictures for Regis and Kelly!