Monday, October 6, 2008

CRUNCH Cake!!!

Dan's Mom asked me to make a cake for Dan's birthday. I looked around on the internet (Bakerella... YUMMY!) and found some great looking deserts, but in the end I went with a family classic... Crunch Cake. YOU need to make this! Delicious & Rich. A little goes a long way!
Crunch Cake
You'll Need
*1 Box Devils's Food Cake
*1 can Eagle Brand (Need I say more?)
*1 tub of Cool-whip
*Chocolate Syrup
*Caramel Syrup
*Sliced Almonds
*Heath Bar Toffee Bits
Make the cake as directed on the box. Poke holes in the cake and pour the entire can of Eagle Brand in the the cake. Allow to cool. Smooth Cool-Whip over cake and then drizzle the syrups. Then sprinkle a generous amount of almonds and toffee bits on top.
Easy, Pretty & Yummy!
And I must give credit where credit is due. This recipe was originated (at least in our family) by my Uncle Jason & Aunt Jennifer. They served it daily in their local restaurant. Let me just say that it rocks to have so many good (male & female) cooks in the fam! :)



*mindi* said...

oh my goodness, i miss that restaurant!

they had THE BEST turkey sandwich. chocolate cake that was as big as my head. those delicious brown rolls and real butter, and the french fries with all the different BBQ sauces!

*sighing and pouting b/c of food that i miss. it's a little pathetic, isn't it? ha ha!

Jennifer said...

you're hilarious mindi! i miss it too! good food is powerful! :)