Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm still alive!

whoa nelly... it has been a while since i have posted.

part time working girl + full time momma and wife and house keeper + church + LAUNDRY + not feeling good + extremely full month of family birthdays = one busy gal with very little time to post on her beloved blog!

hopefully i can get back in the swing of things soon! i stayed home today with the girls and we did a whole lot of nothing which was really nice. i've been cooking lots lately which has also been nice. i'm looking forward to my weekend- my sis, jac's 25th b-day so my mom & grandma are coming in to town, we will take the girls on their first hay ride friday night. next weekend i am going with the women in my family to branson for a girl's weekend/shopping trip. i am SO looking forward to that!

lots to report on soon! i'll leave you with a recent picture of the sisters!

have a blessed day!

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