Sunday, November 23, 2008

greetings from t-town

well, dan , grace and i made it to tulsa just in time for a delicious home cooked meal from mom... ham, mashed taters, sweet potato, green beans, corn, rolls and apple pie. it was yummy and it was great to see our sweet sophie girl. she has had a good visit here at neena and grandpa michaels. she got a cool "hello kitty" electric toothbrush with her goodies from neena. she has been brushing those toothers non-stop! last night was a little hairy since all four of us where in one room. three in the king sized bed and grace in her pack-in-play, well some of the time. that little love bug woke up 3-4 times last night to eat. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE! i think i am going to try and find a baby sleep book today so we can maybe figure out a plan to help her sleep through the night better. dan and i are pretty exhausted.

but, we are SO thankful for pur awesome parents that help us so much and give us opportunities to SLEEP when then keep our little ones. THANKS, YA'LL!!

now we're up and ready for some more HAM. i love me some ham! we are going to hit a few stores on the way home including Bass Pro Shop. they have a very neat "winter wonderland" set up in there store that i think the girls will really like. and i know dan will be so happy to have his favorite people with him in one of his favorite places... the outdoor store! but, first he has to humor me by going to target, jo-anns, and/or michaels... the craft store... my home away from home. :)

happy sunday to you all!

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Hollie said...

i love target and michaels too!

and i LOVE your new haircut! You look beautiful!