Saturday, November 15, 2008

the Quiche-miester

this morning dan and i feasted on some yummy green chili quiche and coffee with some new chai spice creamer. yummy. i've become quite the quiche connoisseur lately (ha ha ha). two weeks ago i tried this broccoli & cheese one and grandma june loved it. i think it was my fave too. nothing like a yummy quiche and a fresh side salad with ranch dressing! {quick quiche tip- coat the top of the pie crust with cheese. it makes a barrier for the liquid so the crust doesn't get so soggy!}

sometimes i'm hit with a dose of delirious love for my husband and children. this morning is one such time. sure they woke us at 7 am on a saturday morning. sure i was up at least twice in the night feeding grace. sure it is difficult to keep the house clean for very long at a time and sure two little girls make for lots of laundry...

BUT, they sure are sweet and smooshy and SO kissable and sweet and loving and smart and HILARIOUS!

so, i'm just enjoying this saturday at home with the fam cleaning, reading, laughing, watching interesting hunter safety videos, nursing grace, do laundry, dreaming with dan, planning times together with friends and family.

later on i get to go out alone with the laptop and my Christmas planner and make some workable lists. (i'll post some great planning and gift ideas soon. seriously the info is too good not to pass on!) dan will also get some time to go put out his new deer stand. please pray that this boy gets a deer this year! i really believe he has one coming! :)

we might also get to meet a certain young man named william sundance... "sunny d" for short who has his eyes on a certain younger sister of mine. *wink *wink!

better go tackle the play room first. sigh. :)

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