Thursday, November 13, 2008

The state of Sophie

Some older, very common Sophie phrases... Some are sweet and some are sassy!

"let me alone"
"i see you to-mor-ee-o" or " i see you saturday" or "i see you thursday"
"you come back see me soon" or "you come back and see me nother time!"
"i busy right now"
"i so happy to see you!"
"i got to get back to work" ("on what?," i ask. "bills.")
"i pray for you" :)

Some new ones...

1- Really good ole ______________.
"But mom, I need my really good ole....... bear or lipstick or apple or whatever!" This phrase cracks me up! It was esp. funny when she used it during the middle of a crying fit one night and she needed her "really good ole" bear!

2- Actually
"Actually, I... " It's so funny, but she always uses it the correct way!

3- Appreciate it.
Recently in addition to saying thanks or "hanks" she says "appreciate it" So cute!

4- My personbality
But mom, I need my "personbality!"

5- Imagination
Anytime she uses shapes or pretends she lets me know that she is using her "imagination!"

6-Arron's House?
A couple months ago, I told her we were going to run an "errand" and when we left the public building she called it Arron's house. I told her it was an errand and today we were at the same building and she remembered it was Arron's house. :)

Recently, Sophie was in the car with Mammy, Pappy and Sarah Jo. Apparently there was a discussion between Sophie and Sarah. Sophie said "You're not the boss! I not the boss! They're (pointing to mom & dad) the boss!" Right on, Soph!

Lately she is stuck on LIPSTICK (well, she has been for the last two years, but now she has her own and she always wants it near by!) Her purse and it's contents are very important to her! She has a great memory. She still loves gum! She has also learned about the traffic lights and she tells me from a distance.... "Red light. STOP!" or Green means GO!" or Yellow light means SLOW DOWN!"

Her favorite songs are Take Me Out the Ball Game, Jesus Loves Me and Happy Birthday. She always says "blow out the candles" and then blows hard three times! She still loves to watch the Waltons, "John Boy" and her latest fav movie is "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." She sings Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Truly Scrumptious and Toot Sweet often.

I love listening to her talk to her friends and play. She loves learning, crafts, baking, sweets, reading. Lately she asks me to "forgive her" a lot and "oh, sorry" too much! (I need to not say this so much too!)

Her expressions are hilarious and life would be so dull (and quiet) without our Sophie girl! She is precious!

Here is a video of her singing Happy Birthday to Dad last month.


Daniel Brewer said...

This is great, what a treasure we have! Thanks for documenting all of her Sophieisms.

Jaclyn said...

I love this!