Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the FAIR!!!

Last week was the Polk County Fair. I read in the paper today there were an estimated 13,000-14,000 people at this year's fair. Wowsers! Our town's population is less than 7,000 people and the surrounding communities are much smaller. We always say that we see everyone we know at the fair and it is so true!

This year we made a quick trip on Thursday night. My nose had literally run ALL DAY LONG so I wasn't sure I would be up to it and my family from Tulsa had arrived that afternoon. But, at about 7pm we decided we were for sure going and off we went. I'm so glad we decided to go! We had a great time and something about that manure-filled air really cleared up my nose! :)

Here are few pics...

Sophie & one of her bestest friends, E.T.! She ran and gave her a BIG hug! They ended up riding the "Cars" ride together. :)
The girl loves her some farm animals. She knows all their sounds! I think seeing the animals is her favorite part of the whole deal. FFA here we come! :)
Loving on a prize-winning Billy Goat!
We're so happy that Junie got to come with us to the fair this year. While I was waiting in an endless line, Sophie & G-Ma Junie ventured off to look around. They ended up in the music tent where Bluegrass music was blaring. Sophie grabbed Junie by the hands and started "cutting a rug!" Junie was a little embarrassed because they were right in the front. Ha! A little while later we were all together and we merely walked by this tent. Sophie heard the music and grabbed Junie once again! What a girl! :)
Grab your partner... Round and round!
Daniel got to carry around the sweetest little munchkin! We always get lots of attention carrying Grace in the Bjorn. She is so sweet (and so heavy!) :)
Sophie & I rode the Carousel with our friends Misty & Lexi. Sweet times!

Lastly, this is a pic documenting the FIRST time my 73 year old Grandma has EVER had cotton candy! She always thought that it looked gross. I think she actually kind of liked it.

Well, the fair is over till next year. Thanks, Dan for taking us. And we are so glad we got to go with Junie! :)

Do you like the fair?


Jaclyn said...

These pics almost make me sad because Sophie looks so grown-up.

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of Sophie and Junie dancing! How precious!