Wednesday, September 17, 2008

olivia, francine, and tuna

this morning i was feeding gracie in the bumbo and sophie announced that her name was no longer grace, but "olivia" instead.

me- "no, this is grace adeline and she is 8 (EIGHT!) months old today!"
sophie- "no, she's olivia"
me- "well, ok. who are you? francine?"
sophie- "yes!"
me- "ok, francine. who am i?"
sophie- "tuna."
me- "tuna?"
sophie- "yep, tuna!"

tuna, huh? why can't i have a pretty name like olivia or francine?


side note a- the three year old said "actually" this morning. when did she learn that one?

side not b- "francine" reminds me of francine in "gidget." what a great movie!
"moondoggy, oh moondoggy... "

i'm gonna try to get some pics of sophie's b-day on here today.

stay tuned for the "sweet little giveaway!"


Jaclyn said...

That is hilarious! She must've been hungry!

Oh and wait till I show you the shoes I bought Ike today!!!

Kristy said...

Hey Tuna,
That is funny!
My kiddo gave us all baked-goods names.
Angel Cake
Oh 3 year olds!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pics! Love you! Susan