Tuesday, September 16, 2008

too pooped to pop!

right now i am exhausted. i just now got gracie down for her nap. finally. i have about 1.5 hrs till the "birthday boy" a.k.a. dan, the love of my life comes home. the house is a mess. i need to fold about 3 loads of laundry, make cupcakes, and some cute party hats for tonight. (among other things like showering, putting on make-up, etc) :)

i'm faced with a choice. do i...

a.) go get in my bed with sophie and rest for a few minutes in my super dark, cool room
b.) grab a dr. pepper, turn on some happy music like sarah masen and get to cracking
c.) i seriously can't think of another option. maybe i'm not good at multiple choice making :(


i've been a stinky blogger lately. HOWEVER, i am determined to get back in gear! since sophie's 3rd birthday was sunday and dan's 31st birthday is today, i am proclaiming this a celebration week! i'm going to have a sweet little fall giveaway in honor of these two of my fav people in the world and to celebrate the start of fall!

check back soon and i'll give the details!

ps... i think a short nap won out! :)


Freckles and Frogs said...

I would have chosen the nap too! Happy Birthday to Daniel! What a fun week for the family!

Andrew Clarke said...

When I found your blog I said a prayer for your family that God will always bless and uphold you. I feel moved to do that sometimes when I find Christian families on line. If you feel like checking out another Christian's site, mine is http://threeswans.blogspot.com Blessings.

Meredith said...

Hope that you went with the nap. ;) Happy birthday to both of your special loved ones. :)