Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Part 2

we really enjoyed our second trip to the ball park this past weekend.

highlights include-
*being 2 hours late! we had some bad info so we missed the first 2 hours of the game and the "go, diego, go" appearance, oh well! baseball games are loooong anyway! :)
*spending time with the fam. we also got to spend some time with the laney family, which is always a treat. :)
*britt & jac did a great job ordering & delivering ALL of the classic ball-game food.
*the great music clips that they play during the game. i think this is my fav part!
*sitting next to the love-of-my-life!
*holding ro ro and watching roman & sophie interact. too cute!
*a beautiful performance by the NWA symphony.
*a moving tribute to each of our country's armed forces.
*a beautiful, long, and LOUD firework display. (too loud for grace & roman. sophie enjoyed it though.)

thank you again, mom & dad! we enjoyed it!


Kara said...

Thanks! She wrote Wait about waiting to conceive her daughter as she dealt with infertility for six years. Thanks for listening :)

Steph said...

We enjoyed seeing you guys too. Everytime I see Sophie with Roman it makes me sad we aren't raising them in the same town where they can play all the time, but we sure love playing when we get the chance

Jennifer said...

steph- i totally agree. cousins are so fun. i've sure been blessed with some great ones! :)