Wednesday, September 3, 2008

right now

right now... my love bugs are sleeping in mommy & daddy's bed.

right now... i am putting off cleaning.

right now... i am enjoying the rainy weather. (although, i do hope it moves on pretty soon.)

right now... i am in the living room staring at sophie's blocks, grace's toys, movies, chips and books everywhere!

right now... i am still very congested. swallowing lots of phlegm. gross. (typing phlegm just reminded me of runaway bride and the "wake up with flem" radio show. :)

right now... i am wearing my new hawaii t-shirt from my sister, jaclyn.

right now... i am craving chocolate so much!! too bad i told sophie we'd make brownies after nap-time.

right now... i am blessed and grateful.

right now... i better get to work! time to put on the chicken and dumplings for dinner. yum-o!

sorry, i just had to post the cute little baby buns! :)


Daniel Brewer said...

I had such a great weekend with you! Do we have any ice cream to go along with those brownies?

Jennifer said...

yep, babe we sure do!

Kristy said...

Love the baby buns! Too cute!

Steph said...

How cute!! I love her little buns

Jaclyn said...

Adorable baby buns! What a sweet baby! Her Aunt Jac loves her very much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Look at the back end of that cutie! That'd be a good pic for the bathroom!