Thursday, September 18, 2008

trip to hot springs

today, the girls and i accompanied mom (lisa) on a trip to hot springs. mom had a dentist appointment so we went along for the ride (1.5 hrs) and to spend time with her. here are a few highlights from the day...

1- gracie b. is heavy! last month she weighed 20lbs. TWENTY POUNDS! that is 1/6 of what i weigh. (why in the world i am sharing my weight on the internet is beyond me!:) she was a little fussy today (while we were in tj maxx for 2 hours) so i spent a lot of time holding her (TWENTY pounds) in one arm and pushing a cart in another. by the end of the day i felt like my left arm was going to fall off.
2- i love tj maxx! i've known this for a long time, but every time i go back it is confirmed again. bring on the bargains! the clothes, the shoes, the housewares, the cute little stationary and note pads, the bedding, the kids clothes, the toys, the specialty foods... i love to look around in there.
3- italian gelato is YUMMY! mom & i both had mint chocolate chip and i sophie had butter pecan. (i think she was drawn to it's yellow color.) gelato is so smooth and creamy and yummy!

sophie checking out all the yummy gelato flavors
sophie & mammy gracie snoozing...

4- excessive sugar does have a profound effect on my 3 year old daughter. she had sprite at on the border, gummy frogs in tj maxx and the gelato after that... by the time we made it to hobby lobby she was talking non-stop and singing made-up tunes for all the shoppers to hear. the sugar high finally let down about 40 minutes into our trip back home. sleep called her name! :)

5- i am a blessed woman. thanks for inviting us mom! we had a great time! :)


Anonymous said...

That comment about Sophie and sugar cracked me up! Reminds me of the ballgame last night---she definitely has the ability and talent to entertain! Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with tonight!

I so enjoyed hanging out with you last night too. I've missed you and our conversations---I think I could talk to you all night! Love you much Jenn!


Meredith said...

Fun trip! I *heart* TJMaxx. Of course, I somehow always manage to find the most expensive thing in there-ha!