Thursday, September 4, 2008

rambling schmambling...

this morning i made myself coffee. i never do this. (seriously. i've been married 6 years and this is the 3rd pot i've ever made.) so, i had a whole pot and i only wanted a cup- full of creamer (& caffeine). i knew my little brother jon was in town so i text'd him to see if he wanted a good ole cup 'o joe. in the mean time i put on the wiggles for the girls and started reading my devotional. good stuff.

a little while later, jon came over. he and sophie played blocks and she served us tea and cookies (which were also blocks). jon and i discussed relationships and computers among other things. gracie played happily. sophie clamored for "muncle jon jon's" attention. she told him to come back and see her soon!

sophie, muncle jon jon and their house w/a garage!
i can't get enough of her sweet cheeks!
"more cookies?"
she lines these four chairs up in a new way almost every day!
blocks & tools... some of soph's fav toys!

later, sophie got hungry. she ate a juicy apple. i nursed grace and sophie gave her a big juicy kiss on the forehead. i smiled and was genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be their momma.
i finally got grace down for her nap and realized it was almost 11 o'clock. i was supposed to meet my friend, alicia for lunch at noon. i still had to shower, get dressed, dress the girls, make more dumplings for dan's lunch, and drop the girls off at the airport before i could head off across town to meet alicia. why do i do this to myself? i have poor time/length perception. somehow it all worked out. alicia and i decided to meet a few minutes later and we had a great time visiting. uninterrupted adult conversation for over an hour! how great. i definitely need to get out more. thank you to grandma ninkie for watching the girls. :)
unfortunately, i have no pics of alicia & i together, but i do have pics of our husbands and our kids. this is from our "Christmas in July" celebration. we had deep fried turkey with all the fixins! it was fun and delicious, but waaaayyy too hot to be deep frying turkeys! :)

i went to pick up the girls and we spent a few minutes at the airport before we drove around for nap time. as we came back through town i realized that "dollar spot" is NOW OPEN! woo hoo! our little town has a new store and you can bet your dinner that i will be there as soon as possible to check it out. there has been rumor of a new dollar store for months now. i was really hoping for "dollar tree." oh, how i love that store. but, alas... it isn't and from what i could tell by looking in the windows it's not all $1 items, but it still looks very promising! :)

i'm debating getting the fall stuff out. i know it's about time and i am usually totally ready. i absolutely LOVE fall! but, for some reason this year i am having a hard time letting go of summer. it has gone by so fast and it actually hasn't been that hot. i could use a few more pool days with susan & marleen, fresh veggie dinners (i.e. fried OKRA) and simple summer clothes, etc, etc. however, the breeze in the air is lovely today and seeing all the fall decorating posts (i love this one)this week have made me excited about the new season coming up soon.

mom (lisa) just called for mom's (jackie) chili recipe. (i know all the mom talk can get confusing!) she invited us over for dinner. yummy. chicken and dumplings last night and chili tonight. great rainy day meals. maybe i am ready for fall...

are you ready for fall?


Kristy said...

I am soooo ready for fall! I love it a lot. I am not really comfortable in short (white legs) and I love the days that are crisp... perfect for jeans and a sweater. =)

Kara said...

1. I love "muncle"
2. Way to go on the coffee!
3. Fall? I think I'll wait maybe two more weeks and then I am going to get some pumpkins and mums and put out my scarecrows! I did see some scarecrows out on a porch today! I'll at least wait until it stops raining!

Kara said...

Oh yeah, your blogs make me hungry.

Jaclyn said...

LOVE the pics of Sophie and Muncle Jon Jon! So sweet!
Aunt Jac

thehirschgang said...

thanks for your sweet comment about our daughter's 1st birthday garden party. You should see the invites I made for it. They turned out so cute.
I'm not sure what blog you found me on.."30 days"?
Did your daughter have her 3rd birthday party yet? If so, how did it go?