Saturday, August 16, 2008

a change of scenery

today i made a big move. a blog move. i'm moving over from my former blog home at xanga. for the past 5 years i have posted about my life... marriage, jobs, ministry, getting pregnant with sophie, being a first time mom, buying and remodeling a home, second pregnancy with grace, our time in the nicu, the challenges of parenting two, my joys and frustrations and so much more. but, i've decided i need a change and a little more blogging freedom. bye xanga. i'm sure i'll be back to visit often.
i'm here because i'm addicted to blogging. there i said it. i love reading about other women's lives. i love the encouragement, inspiration, humor, and great ideas that i garnish from blogs. to me it's all about relationships and our desire to "be known" and be heard and valued. please know that i value you and i really appreciate you taking the time to read about me and my fam.

about the fam... i'm so blessed to be married to daniel. (six years this month!) i love dan because he's not a compromiser. he's passionate about His relationship with the Lord and He's consistently committed to seeking God. he's a hard worker, a great dad, a major goof ball, a dreamer and a patient husband. he loves me and i am so thankful. we have been blessed with two sweetie pie girls, sophie (curls) and gracie (cowlicks). they are fun little munchkins and they have some wild hair!

i'm a stay at home mom and they keep my hopping! (if i could just keep the laundry going...) i love to craft & decorate. i'm a beginner sewer. i stink at gardening. i like to cook, but cleaning is not my thing. :) i am trying though and i know one day i will look back on these challenging years as some of the best years of my life.

welcome and thanks for tuning in! i love comments! hint, hint... :)


Kristy said...

Welcome to Blogger! I like it better than Xanga, too. =) Since you say you love crafts... I am in need of creative assistance. Please go read my last post! The pictures of the girls are so cute. Gracie has grown so much!

leia said...

Oh, Ok! I read a lot of people's blogs on blogspot, so I will just fit you right in! Thanks for keeping the link to my xanga. I like blogging, too! And, I like your new site! Kara