Friday, August 22, 2008

pondering.... taking a breather

sophie is finally down for a nap. first one in three days. not fun! i'm really hoping her nap days aren't coming to an end. i still think she needs one. she gets pretty cranky by the end of the day and i'm ready for a little break by 2 pm.

lunch was a little crazy today. daniel walked in to me cleaning up a big baby food mess. sophie accidentally knocked grace's jar of food onto the floor and it went everywhere. (strike 1!) we got that cleaned up and grace knocked over sophie's tea. (strike 2!) i finally sat down 15 mins later to finish feeding grace and she knocked over my tea glass. it shattered everywhere. (strike 3!) that was actually the second broken glass today. sheesh kabob, what is up??!!) we finally ate lunch and dan took sophie to the bathroom where she proceeded to miss the potty and pee all over the floor. (the rug was already up because has gotten some poopy on it this morning. Lord, help me!)

sooo... i think you can see why i was ready for NAP TIME today! grace is watching a little "praise baby" and i'm just vegging for a few minutes.

i've been reading some parenting wisdom at Raising Godly Tomatoes. you can actually read her entire book here. looks good. i definitely need wisdom today. i've been praying for wisdom to raise the girls. the awesome thing is that God knows sophie and grace specifically and what their individual needs are and how dan and i are to raise them. He said to ask for it... "If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get His help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it. " James 1:5 The Message.

sometimes i certainly feel like "i don't know what i'm doing" and honestly, i can get so frustrated with the disobedience (especially at nap time) that i want to give up. i know that isn't an option. so Lord, please give me wisdom, grace, patience and love as I deal with sophie. i love her so very much and I know that she is a gift from you.

but, today is FRIDAY! daniel will be home in a few minutes. we're having steak and shrimp for dinner and taking it easy! i have some shopping to do later and we've got to get ready for sarah jo's "spa princess" birthday party tomorrow. we have LIFEgroup over here on Sunday night and we're really looking forward to our new Andy Stanley video study on parenting.

here's to a happy, restful weekend to us all! :)


Kristy said...

Oh those days that make you want to lose your mind. It usually seems to all happen at once right? Hopefully the sweet girls will wake up happy and you guys can have a restful evening.

Kara said...

I honestly couldn't believe that all of those accidents/messes happened at the same time! That's insanity! I'm sorry. I think I would flip!