Wednesday, August 27, 2008

thanks, mom(s)!

today has gotten better as it has progressed.

when i was awoken this morning at 5:45 am by my darling daughter, sophie, i was not so happy. to be honest, i felt like i had been hit by a truck.... congested, achy, terrible headache. maybe it was the benadryl i took last night? nonetheless, by 6:25 am sophie could not stay in bed any longer! she needed chocolate milk, a snack (how about breakfast?), and a movie. dan was still here so i gave her the goods, turned on "boz" and headed back to bed. about 45 minutes later i consented to the fact that i was, in fact, up for the day even though i felt terrible.

i'm sure you all aren't that interested in a full play-by-play of my day, but i just needed to set the stage and say thank you to my three moms. they all really helped me today without me having to ask for anything. i am a blessed woman.

first off, mom (jackie) had already scheduled to keep the sophster today. it worked out good since i had to take grace to the dr for a check-up. she must have seen how sick (terrible) i looked when she offered to make us some of her delicious & nutritious chicken and vegetable soup. (and encouraged me to go home and go to bed if possible.) thank you, mom! sophie had a great day playing in the sand box and learning to play "candy land" and the soup hit the spot!

secondly, mom (cheryl) called to let me know when they are coming to town (tomorrow) and that grandma "junie" will be coming with them! that in itself cheered me up, but i have to be honest...when she asked me if the girls or i "needed" anything i perked up even more. can't beat a little "retail therapy!" :) thanks, mom and we are looking forward to spending the weekend with you all!

thirdly, mom (lisa) called at about 10 am to see if i could use any help for a couple of hours and if i wanted anything from mc donalds (cinnamon melts...yummy!). i said sure. grace was about asleep and to be honest if she hadn't offered to come by i would have probably spent the remainder of my morning nursing my wounds, wasting time on the internet or sleeping. having her here helped me to get the laundry sorted (while she folded), unload/reload the dishwasher, etc, etc. thank you, mom! i enjoyed visiting and i really appreciate the help!

so, my day did get better. i did get a short nap before i took grace to the dr., i did a much needed wal-mart run, i spent time loving on my man and my girls, i cleaned out the fridge, and got most of the laundry done. (well, at least washed and dried.)

i've still got a runny nose and i'm definitely not feeling my best yet...but, i know that i am loved and am very blessed!

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