Saturday, August 16, 2008

today's adventure: flower shopping with pappy

after a leisurely morning hanging out with dan and grace, pappy (my dad) called to ask if me and the girls wanted to join him, mammy, my aunt b, and sarah jo on a little trip to glenwood to buy plants for the company. the bonus was a delicious dinner at at "little italy", an authentic mom and pop italian restaurant. since dan was busy working on the fence and most of the housework was done i agreed and we set out for the 45 minute drive. the nursery, "blooming baskets" was overflowing with flowers and greenery at great prices.

we had fun looking at all the plants and the girls loved running through the sprinklers! sophie had just woken up from her nap when we left so she was still in her pull-up when we arrived. after some sprinkler action she needed to go potty asap! there was no public bathroom there so i reluctantly told her to go in her pull-up. (bad idea for a newly potty trained chickee!) she couldn't do that so i suggested we "squat" in some grass since there were no other customers around. that was bad idea #2 since i had grace strapped in the baby bjorn, sophie made quite the pee-pee mess! good thing we had extra clothes! we changed her clothes and all was well!

sophie wasn't too happy at the moment!

the girls had a great time playing, my dad blessed me with my very own purple "crepe myrtle," and i bought a couple of large bushes for $8 a piece!

gracie b. with mammy

sophie with pappy's glasses

sarah with dad's glasses

they had fun popping bubbles!

we also has a yummy dinner at "little italy" and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with aunt "b" and the rest of the fam! my only regret is that i didn't get a pic of aunt b or pappy (him and sophie have matching "life is good" t-shirts.) maybe next time! they were pretty busy shopping and lugging away!

i love this picture of soph & sarah. they love each other so much!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! I wish I could have been there too! Love you!


Hollie said...

hey there, I just found your site and wanted to say hey. Your children are adorable...wild hair and all!

Kara said...

Ok, it's