Monday, August 25, 2008

under the weather...

coughing + sneezing + congestion + sore throat + low grade fevers= one slightly under the weather family.

all four of us (and my dad, too...) aren't feeling our best today. sophie asked me to pray for her as soon as we were up this morning. so sweet. we're staying pretty low key. we had some chicken noodle soup for lunch and both girls are sleeping away the afternoon.

this morning sophie made a bed for lots of babies in the hallway.

gracie b. in the bath today... i love her big eyes in this picture.

i will eventually have to venture out to good ole "me mart" to get some groceries. we are out of everything! but, for now we'll just continue to snuggle and maybe put on another episode of "the waltons."

ps- remember simple mom from last week? she is having a great gift basket giveaway! you can enter until midnight tonight. check it out!


Jaclyn said...

I love the bed in the hallway! She's taking after her Aunt S.J. in the baby doll department. I'm sorry ya'll aren't feeling well. I got a text from dad today that simply said, "stay away." LOL!
Aunt Jac

Kara said...

thanks, i think i fixed it. get well!

Hollie said...

Get well soon!

Kristy said...

Hope you guys are feeling better soon! Summer colds are the WORST!

Kristy said...

Sweet, sweet girls! And what a beautiful blog you have. I hope you all feel better soon.