Monday, August 25, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

*** This post was originally written the week after The 4th of July. ***

Last Thursday, we arrived in Northwest AR for the weekend. My Dad bought several tickets to see the AR Naturals play. They are a farm team for the Royals. (Listen to me talking like a true baseball fan. ha!) We arrived just in time and had excellent seats. They were covered which turned out great as the night continued. Mom, Dad, Dan, Me, Sophie, Grace and Sarah met up with my sisters, Jaclyn, Brittany, my brother, Jon and our friend, Tyler. (We call him T-Dog for short.)

I'll just be honest... none of us are die-hard baseball fans. I'm sure the "true Naturals" fans in front of us got quite a kick out listening to us observe the game and ask questions. (For instance the other team from San Antonio hit a home run and my bro, Jon wanted to know why no one was cheering?! Or when, my Dad said we'd go eat at "half-time." :))The Rose fam was primarily there for some good 'ole American fun and to watch fireworks and listen to the post game symphony! Too bad it didn't work out that way. We did spend way too much money on some good ole stadium food, see some more family (Steph, JM and Ro Ro), enjoy goofing off with one another, laughing at the Sasquatch mascot, Strike and just spending time together.

All was well, until my sister, Jaclyn (in the picture above) got her toe smooshed in the back of the chair ahead of us. I was sitting beside her and all of a sudden she started screaming and hitting the guy ahead of us in the back. I realized what happened, stood up and tried to help the poor man out of his seat. Poor guy! Poor Jac! Her toe was pretty severely smashed but she handled very well.

Then the rain started. And it rained and rained. Then the lightening started. And the lights went out. They covered the field more than once (which was really neat). We were super thankful for our covered seats. In the end, the rain won out and the game and post-game activities were cancelled. Oh well. We still had a lot of fun! Thanks, Mom & Dad!


Well, it turns out that we got a rain check! We are going to a rescheduled game this coming Sunday night and they will have the Symphony and Fireworks! Nick Jr's "Diego" is also set to make an appearance. Sophie will beso excited! WOO HOO!

Watch out Arvest Ballpark... the Rose's are headed your way once again! :)

Rain, rain. Stay away!

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